What does it mean when I get this message from someone?

“Seller indicated they responded to this inquiry elsewhere.” what does this mean???
This seller has been pretty iffy I have already had to get a refund from them before but they are still on this website so they must be legit right? I told them id give another shot and buy the bearded dragon they have listed, we have it set up to have the seller ship in the morning and I send the money but I just got this message from the seller a few hours ago wondering what this means??
“Seller indicated they responded to this inquiry elsewhere.”

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It means that they have checked the ‘Responded to this inquiry elsewhere’ button by mistake… unless the communications took place off of MorphMarket , then they used the right one.

But if you initially inquired on MM then you can still leave a review.

Head over to your messages onsite, open the inquiry conversation in question and look for the “Actions” button at the bottom of that window. Select “Rate This” from the small popup menu.

If you don’t receive the animal, then please reach out to support@morphmarket.com

Hope this helps :blush:


They did reach out to me via text message, and confirmed the purchase there but I find it odd they won’t respond to me via morph messenger only notification I got back was that I posted in orignal post. I even inquired about it a 2nd time via morph just so everything is legit and she texted me asking why I sent it on morph like im the bad person or something lol just trying to save my butt from being scammed

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For the future, the best answer to this is “so i can leave you good feedback and help build your reputation” :wink:


This seller on here has been makin me feel very nervous about sending money, I already had to get a refund last week because she never sent my dragon, She is still on this website so she must be legit right? I tried giving another chance but now after we decided on the price and the form of payment her page keeps saying 404 error not found, she can still message me on here but I can’t see the listed ad im buying and thats a huge red flag for me, and she wants paypal friends and family I said no and now she wants venmo? Am I being scammed here or what is going on please help asap

Website errors can be from anything.
Wanting certain payment methods, could be because of access or cost.
I don’t think any place that has thrid partys acting as their own company can guarantee all are not a scam. But, if there are enough complaints, then they can be investigated and removed. But this can take time and several people getting scammed.
Unless someone reputable that knows this person and comments, there no 100% guarantee on anything.
It is always best to follow your gut. I can’t say buy or not as I am not in the situation.


If you are having issues with a seller or an ad then your best course of action is to contact the MorphMarket Customer Support team: support@morphmarket.com


Ive already did that and reached out to 3 admins and a leader with only 1 response 6 hours ago. $460 dollars is being played with right now need a faster answer response unfortunately

The MorphMarket customer team are mostly comprised of individuals that are volunteering their personal time to help out. As such, they may not be in a position to drop everything on a moments notice to solve your specific problem. Even under the best of circumstances, payment disputes do not resolve “immediately”

I understand your frustration and concerns, but you must also have patience to allow the team to work toward a solution


If the seller still has their product and you still have your money, then if it is worrying and stressing you, then I would just pass.
One thing you can do is check what all the seller has sold. Also you can check what post they have been evolved in, how long they been a member and what type of member they are. This research might give you a better answer, feeling and outlook on the seller.


I understand, im not frusterated at all, just worried about being scammed is all.

It’s been probably little over an hour now with her profile still saying 404 error page not found, I think im just gonna take this as a hint that she was caught scamming. She had a dragon listed at $3 dollars her excuse was that MM took her profile down to help her fix the ad listing to reflect the proper price, I don’t think it takes over an hour to make a fix like that but could be wrong

Over many years i have learnt that scammers do not refund anyone. This isnt a guarantee that they are not a scammer, but adds weight to their portfolio.

When you see this, it likely means that seller has been suspended for one reason or another.
Most of the time it will pop back up within a hour or so once the seller has fixed what needed fixing… others may not pop back up at all, for more serious issues.

If you dont feel safe using a payment method, no matter how secure someone claims it to be, pass up on the deal.

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The admins have already stepped in with their recommendations.

If you are concerned about loosing your money, remember that PayPal F&F and Venmo are not able to be disputed.

Personally if that much had already happened, I would just look elsewhere. It’s not worth the trouble. I don’t think the 3$ ad was an accidental occurrence, so it does sound like they’re looking for the attention to the ad. It is very easy to edit an ad to the correct price, I would think if the ad had to be taken down by the admins then there’s a different issue at hand there…


Totally agree with @d_y_python. Especially since you have already been refunded once from this vendor and are now questioning this current purchase, my advice is to move on. Why run a risk if you don’t have to? There are tons of vendors here, so just try another one and be done with it……:neutral_face:


After reading this, personally I would cancel this purchase! There are plenty of places to make purchases from great breeders with excellent customer service and quality animals!! With all the folks in this hobby there are plenty of options… Let those that are sketchy, stay sketchy!! I think this year has really opened the eyes of some breeders, notice how many animals are currently available, lots!! Meaning breeders are sitting on animals they have to feed and hoped to sell this year. Before this lul in sales they took their time responding to emails/messages, promised to put folks on lists that never happened? They will have to step up their customer service skills as its not just a given now!! Good luck!!


Do they have positive feedback in the past? If so I wouldn’t worry too much as I’d assume they took the ad off so no one else sends payment for it. I’ve bought a couple animals over MM and had zero issue. But both had plenty of positive feedback and the animals were fair market value/priced.

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I understand you are mid transaction if I am correct but, in the future, I recommend never buying from iffy seller I have high standards personally, unfortunately it’s not always avoidable.