What double/triple recessive projects are you working?

It took me 20 years to hatch an albino pied starting with a het albino male and three possible het pied males. But I’m ridiculously slow. Long term projects build character, right? Lol.


Hey everyone, for me, I’m working on:
Orange dream dh ultramel pied x dh ultramel pied
Mojave dh hypo clown x Clown het hypo
Clown het pied x Lavender Albino het Pied
Dh hypo dg x dh hypo dg
Pied het DG x Enchi dh DG Pied
Hope everyone’s season is going well.


I was in the same boat till last year, I was either going with sunset or puzzle. I picked up a puzzle visual 1.1 plus 2 stacked hypo pos het females with great markers. I didn’t intend on picking up the male so early, but he’s got a lot of potential so I bit. The visual female is also pos h/clown. I’ll test her at some point, but puzzle clowns aren’t high on my list atm.

Hypo puzzles look amazing, and for me this is the direction I want to go in with puzzle. Truth be told I’ve neglected hypo for far to long so it’s also my excuse to get into another recessive project. Thanks for the well wishes, may the odds gods favor you as well.


Awesome projects everyone is working on!! Im excited to see some of these combos you’ve all mentioned!

Im working on a few different DG/ Clown combos. This year I will mainly make Het DG visual Clowns because trying to bring some different dominant genes to this combo.
For triple hets… I have a Clown 66% DH Hypo/ Pied male im hoping proves out because i have a couple females growing up for him.
And next year I have 2 DH Clown/ Puzzle girls who i am currently on the hunt for a male for them.


Desert ghost tristripe




Interested in what strategies are being used for other multi recessive projects and if testing (available now or potentially in the future) has changed breeder’s plans.

For example, traditionally a triple recessive project might have started with double hets bred together until you make the 1:16 double homozygous and then breed that to the 3rd homozygous to make 100% triple hets to breed for the 1:64 triple homozygous. If you count making the initial double hets that’s 4 generations of breeding and lots of luck, especially at the end.

I’ve been trying to shortcut by using triple het males (often pretty cheap) to double het females. My hope is to hit the 1:32 double homozygous that will test het for the third. This could also turn the odds way up to only 1:4 when going for the triple but of course that would require being lucky enough to produce a pair of 1:32s and being willing to inbreed them. This does require I buy rather than make the triple het male but could cut out a generation if i hit the somewhat less long (but still long) odds along the way.

I did hit a 1:32 quintuple codom male a few years ago. After proving him I sold him cheap because hey, he was still a codom.