What double/triple recessive projects are you working?

This is an interesting topic to me because the hobby seemed to shift toward multi recessives so quickly in the last couple years. Let me know what your thoughts on the subject. I’m still fairly early on with most of my multi recessive projects but as I reduce my ball python collection they’re moving more to the front.

Here are my Double Recessive projects. Where I’m at in the project in ()
-G-Stripe Clown (hets)
-VPI Snow (visuals)
-Hypo Clown (hets)
-Dreamsicle (visual)

Here are the triple hets I’m planning for this year.
-VPI Snow Genetic Stripe (planned pairing will make triple hets)
-Hypo Dreamsicle (planned pairing - triple hets)
-Lavender Lightning Pied (Planned pairing - These will all be visual lavender DH Ax Pied)

I’ll add some pics of these projects this weekend.


I’m still small scale and haven’t ramped up to many recessives beyond clown, but I’m pretty excited about this pairing (ongoing for this year).

G-Stripe (pos Acid) x Clown (pos Dinker trait)


This girl (Mango) is the clown that produced my funky clown hatchling the other year, and the male (Bagel) is a @t_h_wyman original, so I can barely contain my anticipation for this pairing


For me this year is triple hets and single visual double hets. And am setting up for 2024 to be quad hets and single visual triple hets.

I’d be much farther along if I didn’t have bad luck with my double visual girl slugging out until she was 5 years old. I learned a valuable lesson about putting too much of a project riding on a single female though.


I really agree with this:

I assume the reason is there are so many more ball python breeders, the value of recessives are the least likely to drop as fast. Especially when you have more then a single recessive trait in a single animal.

-G-stripe, Enhancer(hets)
Still a season away from producing visuals hopefully. Also they are are poss het O.G. for the triple recessive, but that will be a few more seasons before I possibly get any.


Hi, my name is Randy and I’m a recessive-holic.

It will be interesting as more genetic testing becomes available. My budget route into multi-recessives has been possible hets. Sure I will keep making my own to test even if at some point pos hets are no longer available to buy.

I’ve long wanted a pair of ball pythons that can produce a staggering variety of recessive combos. My insane to most breeders pairing this year is pastel th clown genetic stripe hypo X dh VPI axanthic albino pos het genetic stripe. I actually have two of those pairings. Even IF additional tests become available for VPI axanthic, genetic stripe and hypo the testing budget to maybe find a quint het will be staggering.

I’m also trying to work desert ghost in late to existing VPI axanthic clown hypo projects.

Here is one of two pairings of VPI axanthic pastel dh clown hypo X dh VPI axanthic hypo pos het clown and genetic stripe. I didn’t get either sister tested for het clown because I was waiting for a genetic stripe test to do both at the same time.


Wow! I love G-stripe.

Remember everyone, GStripe is a boring dead morph that no one wants to work with

Oh, oh @t_h_wyman :grin:


I really like axanthic genetic stripe so will hopefully hit that someday.


The more I look at this boy and how he is developing, the more I believe he has Acid in him. If you do get Acid double hets I may have to wrestle one back from you


$120 for the full panel is not too terrible. But in bulk it might be painful


Not complaining, just glad to have testing options. If both females go and lay exceptional clutches I could have 20 babies to test just for that project. And if neither female is het genetic stripe each egg would have 1:32 shot at being a quint het. I don’t seem to have a scientific calculator on my phone to figure the 1 - (31/32)^20 odds of getting at least one quint het for my $2,400 + tax in testing. I suppose a less insane pairing might have produced more marketable extras to pay for the unicorns.

I got to a computer. 47% chance of at least 1 quint het in 20 50% hets for 5 morphs. So I’m saying there is a chance! Lol. Of course hopefully one or both is het genetic stripe to help odds.


He’s defintely developing more patterning over time, which is pretty cool, so hopefully that’s a good sign :crossed_fingers:

No wrestling necessary, if all goes well and I get healthy babies you can have your pick!


:metal:t3: :laughing: :metal:t3:


I’m working on a few, mostly dg crosses.

Dg/clown - hopefully this year

Dg/pied - hopefully next year or the year after.

Dg/puzzle hets - next year, hopefully.

Hypo/puzzle - 2+ years out on this project.

Clown/pied - I’ve been neglecting this project tbh. I’ve been debating on moving on but I have an interesting male I’m growing up.

I have a few more recessive females that I’m not sure which direction I’ll go with them. They’re 2+ years out
at least, so I have time.

I’m sure I’ll be shooting for triple recessives at some point.


I haven’t quite dived into any double/triple recessives myself yet, I’m still working on trying to produce more visuals to hold back for the collection.

The recessives I do have, though:

  • Piebald
  • VPI Axanthic
  • Clown
  • Ultramel
  • Hypo/Ghost
  • Albino

My big ones being pied, axanthic, and clown, which make up the majority of my ball python collection. The others are just kind of sprinkled in.

I’ll hopefully hit some pieds this season (banana pied x het pied) and some albinos (cinnamon mahogany het albino x pastel mojave enchi mahogany het albino)
I’ll also likely be making some more het VPI axanthic stuff (VPI spider x pastel vanilla lesser)

My goals would be to eventually go for double recessives with the pieds + other recessives.
I’d also like to get into desert ghost, tristripe, and maybe gstripe in the future. Lots of cool stuff to work with!


Interested to see the albino morphs you make from those darker genes! Also can’t go wrong with banana pieds they always look super!


I’ve been looking at puzzles for years! I like how completely different they look, just haven’t pulled the trigger on them yet. Good luck hitting the hypo puzzles!


Sorry everyone we had a freak snow storm (for this elevation) and I’m still dealing with the fallout from it lol. I’ll respond to everyone individually soon!


I’m pretty new so I’m limited on my doubles and triples right now.

Right now I’m working on my UltraSnows (ultramel vpi axanthic), but I also got an dh UltraGlow (ultramel hypo) for my stage two of my project that I’m pairing right now.

Stage 3 through 6 is adding in Puzzle, Desert Ghost (preferably Enhancer or Sahara), and Black Axanthic in no particular order.

I’m also planning on throwing in different codoms and indoms that I love while I’m at it. I’m looking at slow and steady growth over here into things I find beautiful.


I’m a really small breeder (only plan to have 6-10 breeding females in the next few years, I’m a graduate student with very limited space to expand) so all of my double recessive plans are starting with hets and hopefully going from there.
This season and next season I hope to produce double hets for:

  • DG pied (first planned pairing is a male black pewter DG 50% het amur X female banana pied 66% het clown - also hoping this might end up as a triple recessive if both prove their poss hets)
  • DG monsoon (planned pairing is a cinnamon fractal male X superblast DG female)

Future goals:

  • DG crypton (my black pewter DG ph amur male to my banana pin clown female, when she’s ready)
  • Monsoon/fractal pied (my mentor and I are working this project together and I hope to get some double het babies from him this year to grow up)
  • Maaaaaaaaybe DG clown, but I’m not a huge fan of clown except in very specific combos so I’m not sure I’ll end up going for that. Maybe DG clown pied as a longer term goal!

I won’t be able to keep up with the cutting edge of the industry so I’ll be making the double hets and growing them up myself, and it’ll be a few years down the road before I produce any double visuals. But I breed for my own love of the animals anyway, so however long it takes, it takes.


Dreamsicle (Lav Pied) project!

I became attached to the dreamsicle combo right away with my ball python obsession. They’re what started it all!

Initial goal: Layer useful dominant mutations into the combo. OD, YB, Enchi, Leopard, Confusion, and even Pastel have proven to be stellar, with many more promising options in the pipeline.

Long term goal: Find a new recessive with high potential. After seeing BradBoa produce the first lavender sunset my direction became much more clear. Sunset may have the potential to add a level of color intensity we have yet to see. The first sunset pieds were also produced, showing they do not produce the undesirable mostly white pieds that some mutations do.

So I’ve got my direction to keep me busy for the next 5 to 10 years easy. That’s my primary project.

Second to that I’m also working the ultramel clown combination. Sunset will likely work great with it as well but I’m also wondering if lace and/or DG have potential there. I’m thinking of something like a white lace ultramel clown pied with a bunch of great dominants attached down the road. Again, 10 years easy on this project.

As the hobby expands outward with seemingly endless potential combinations it will be interesting to see what we all can come up with.