What egg box size should I use?

What egg box size should I use/prepare.
Maybe its a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. e.g depending on how many eggs and size of eggs.
But some rough minimum and maximum size would help a hopeful first time breeder of ball pythons.
Please don’t tell me quarts/gallon or liter sizes and so on, that varies with the hight of the box and I believe gallons and quarts are a bit different in the UK…
Inches X inches or mm x mm I understand.



This is the size I use. Idk if you can get them in the UK but they are from the Container Store and are called
“Our Shoe Box”.

13" x 7-1/2" x 4-1/4" h


I was fine with hundreds of other snakes, just not ball pythons as they are new to me.
I’m sure I can get something similar in size here in the United Kingdom.
I know its no guarantee of egg size but my adults are between 1600g and 3kg
what I have bought so far are a bit smaller and a bit bigger than your numbers.
Thanks man. that helps a lot.

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These seem to work perfect to me and easily seems to fit 6-9 bp eggs easily. I have only had to split one clutch of 10 so far.


I would agree with the above. Regardless of posting quarts/gallons, etc. if you look for containers labeled as “shoe box” you’re going to get something that will be appropriately sized for anywhere up to 10 eggs or so.


I guess shoe box size is kind of universal, at least in first world countries like ours where we have the chance of good nutrition , to give us a good chance for our phenotype getting close to our genotype.
I love the Glossary :sunglasses:
Thanks, that helps a lot too.
No offence to others, lets face it, sadly in this world there are places where food is less abundant.