What female should I pair to this male!

Hey all I have a Banana Enchi Pastel male, looking for a female to pair him up with this coming season, any thoughts


Hey bud. At the end of the day it comes down to what your goals are. Do you want to pit him into a recessive and make hets, to make say #desert-ghost versions of him? Or do you want to add a darkening gene such as #black-pastel to highlight the lavenders? Or do you want to make some lighter variation with #vanilla or #fire? Think about what you want to produce and go from there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m really thinking I’d like to get the purples darker! Thank you for that info!

I would like to see #blackhead in that direction. Best of luck to you.

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Not a bad ideas at allll! Thank you

I was going to say black head, Its been doing pretty good in lots of combos.

I would go with a leopard combo female which combo will depends on your budget.


I would go with a super chocolate or a cinnamon with maybe Mojave or enchi in it as well. Just a few good combos but up to you on what ya get.

Banana cinnamon has pretty intense purple. But check out this banana pastel enchi leopard from Brad Boa!


Pair him to an enchi clown then pair up the babies.

I’m doing a pairing with a banana enchi female X pastel lesser leopard 100% het clown. Not so concerned with the het part, but we shall see.
It really depends on what you want to see it produce for you. There are so many combos you can do. Just have fun!

For deep purples I would suggest a leopard black pastel female.