What gene(s) do i need?

Looking at going for my first clutch next year, need to add a gene. Here’s what i have now:

Male: Banana, possible enchi and yb.
Female: normal
Female: lemonburst (pastel, pinstripe)

Unfortunately, that entirely depends on what direction you want to take your project in the future. I would personally browse through morphmarket, instagram, or world of ball pythons. Scroll until something gets your attention and look to see what it is. Depending on what you need to get that or something like it, that’s what I would add to your collection!

Best of luck!


Unfortunately, you are going to get a lot of pick what you like answers, and for good reason.

You need to be interested if not passionate in what you are producing. Odds are pretty good if there are combos you like others will too.

Arguments can be made for just about any gene, but if it or its combos don’t trip your trigger it is going to wear on your enthusiasm for the project. As an example Bamboo is pretty popular right now, personally, I think they look like a ball python that got air bombed by a diuretic seagull.

You already have, or possibly have, several base genes for some great combos. I would suggest checking out some of Billy’s videos over at Mutation Creations youtube, along with Gavin Balls2U, and even Chris Hardwick. They all have numerous videos on single genes and several of their combos. Justin Kobylka at JKR also has some good videos.

Also make sure you are getting the best quality example of the morph you can. I have 3 different pastels in my collection one I love one I hate and one I have to wait to see how the offspring turn out as it is also TSK Axanthic. The first 2 are both pastel clowns the females colors just keep getting better and she just passed 100g the males yellows have turned to an OD (olive drab).

Good luck.



I’m one of the people obsessed with bamboo, but now I can’t unsee that description. You’re not wrong!


Don’t encourage his behavior for describing my beloved morph :ok_woman: :joy:


I was supposed to be getting a bamboo male soon. If I end up getting him I dont think I will look at the bamboo morphs the same way again lol. All jokes aside it is a great morph


Ok, i just thought i could get some idea as to what would mix well. I was thinking ghi or orange dream.

Found a ghi pastel in my price range.
Considering orange dream as a secondary.

Both are great options and I think should be somewhere in any project. Again with OD look for high intensity ones. Not trying to “seagull” all over your parade, it’s just there aren’t many wrong choices. The only wrong ones are combos that are lethal or known to have a high rates of deformities.


My apologies, new to snakes. I’ve had/have Savannahs, just new to pythons.

Nvm, orange dream lol.

I guess the biggest thing is, I love all reptiles. I’m not in it to make money, I’m just in it, because I love reptiles in general.

I am fascinated by the genetics of it, the excitement of, if I mix this with this, what will I get?

:clap: :clap::clap::clap:. Preach brother :joy:

Lol. It’s great that everyone has different perspectives. I’ve had my mind changed on many a look by seeing the true capabilities of it!

Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and there are still plenty of combo is to be discovered. Forgot to mention worldofballpythons.net and of course morphmarket you can browse by single trait or named combos. This will help familiarize yourself with the different names for certain combos like urban camo, 8 ball, mimosa, the Mr. Hankey (My name for Champagne + pretty much anything).

Definitely take the chance to go to a few expos when things open back up cause there are just some combos that no photograph on earth does them justice, for example banana black pastel.

Despite my picking on champagne and bamboo, it really is such a subjective question it really can’t be answered, it’s not that anyone is trying to be a difficult prick. End of the day, as you said you are in it for the love of reptiles look for projects both short term and long term that will keep that enthusiasm going. Two of mine are the Pompeii and SK true ghost clowns.

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I agree it depends on what interest you and where you wanna go…but if you wanna possibly save a little time researching check out Chris Hardwick on you tube his potential of videos show a lot of of possibilities, and I know he has them for banana/coral glow, enhi. GHI, orange dream along with many many others…

I would look at the animals you have now and mess around on the market place and see some good examples of snakes you like, and then go from there


Up to you my man! I chose piebald and clown as my first major genes. Then I have super pastel, pinstripe, spider, and leopard genes mixed in for diverse clutches! You probably want to stay with dominant genes for now!(blue) As you don’t need both parents to have the gene to have the babies show them. That being said you can get a male and female that have two or three different genes each for tons of possible outcomes which is what attracts me!


I subscribed to Chris’s channel already. Also, Predator BP. Researching all the time.

Black pastel would go well with your lemonblast.
If your wanting to stick with dominant Gene’s.

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leopard goes great with banana. I am actually looking for 1 now

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Black pastel is an incomplete dominant gene.

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You could add a recessive gene. Clown, Pied, Albino, Desert Ghost, Enhancer, or Genetic Stripe. There are more but I can’t think of them all. Make sure you get visual recessive to breed to your male or females. Then the offspring would be 100% het for whichever recessive you pick.
I think Iam right.
Guys check my advise that I am giving. LOL

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