What genes are in this female I got?

Hey guys just got this girl not too long ago and all the previous owner told me is that she is leucistic female. She said she paid $1000 for her, (I paid no where near that) clearly she’s healthy, a little chunky but just curious on what all you guys think she has before breeding her


There are several genetic types of luecistic. You have your blue eyed lucys which are any number of a combination, including phantoms, lessers, Russo, Mojave ect. Also have black eyed luecistic which is a super fire type morph. I think that is what it is a super fire, judging by the eyes in those pics., although you usually don’t see a yellow head too much, could have other things in it such as pastel, ect. You won’t know completely until you breed to either a normal male, or a simple morph male that does not interact with any type of lucy genes.


Super fire have black eyes not blue.
So not a super fire imo.

Only way to know for sure if to breed her to a normal male and see what comes out! :black_heart:


My guess is super fire, eyes dont look blue, and the yellow colorarion mixed in matches a superfire.


A quick example, this is my BEL (mojave bamboo) that has paradoxing around the eye, so ive used it as a guide of blue vs black, since it has both. I could be wrong and have made assumptions though.

In their picture it looks like the small lighter area is caused by flash, not lighter eye color


I agree with @verinium with the eye color, to me looked darker not blue, but it could also very well be the pics. I just wanted to say that @verinium is a real cool picture, and the eye being paradox like that is wild! I’ve had tons of paradoxs, never in the eye though!


It’s definitely a bel. The “blue eyes” they are known for are usually grey with a hint if blue. Anything in the black eyed complex has pitch black eyes like a normal and it wouldn’t be easy to see the eyes like in this one. As for what genes it could be super russo, mojave, lesser/butter, mystic bamboo or any combination of those. Best way to tell is to buy a normal or something with one other gene so long as it isn’t in the bel complex and breed them


I would like to see a picture without the flash, where there isnt the flash it looks far darker, but looking through other pics on MM i see what you mean about it being much darker. Im just used to BELs having glacial blue eyes to the point of a light silver with a hint of blue.

But as others have said, no matter what, if you breed to split those genes out, youll know for sure! Its all guesswork , especially if its BEL youll never know until bred


I thought it was cool too, I know they show pigment in their eyes frequently to match their pattern, so it was cool to see it hold true showing the non BEL eye color where the paradoxing was :slight_smile:


Looks like BEL to me too.


I’ve seen many blue eyes lucy with eyes like that, I’ve seen Ones with more grey and even some with bright blue. Ranges a lot doesn’t it, although all lovely.

Defo not a super fire imo.

I’ll take a few others who can help the op also. @chesterhf @t_h_wyman @eaglereptiles


I’ve seen many eyes like that, and owned and even own snakes with 2 tone eyes, blue/white like that, and I used to own a crystal which had bright white and blue eyes, still not seen one as nice to this day, she was lush. I Also have 2 toned green and also steel like colour on the fire yb.
Didn’t think it was paradoxing though, just eye colour, like us humans have 2 toned a lot of the time?


Fair :slight_smile: though ours is usually more of a radiant color change (like darker inside and lighter outside, or vice versa) for snakes it seems their pattern pigment is the culprate, because when i see it in my animals, its always where the eye stripe goes through or where there is a pattern shift around it :slight_smile:


On a side note i was looking to find an example in my pictures and found this… this looks nothing like my face and suddenly im scared xD


I agree with her being BEL. She looks somewhat like a lesser special I hatched last year. Had the same steel grey eyes.

There really isn’t a surefire way to tell them apart. Sometimes if you get a blacklight, a pattern may show up under that wavelength and give you a better hint.
For example, I’ll attach photos of a pastel spider lesser/mojave (#2 almost no pattern) vs the pastel spider lesser/special (#4 a lot of pattern) under blacklight.


Those black light pics are cool! Shows tons of pattern!


That’s awesome!! Getting my black light now!

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This is not a SuperFire or any of the other BlkELs

BlkEL eyes are an ultra deep indigo and do not have any of the two-tone quality to them that most ball eyes have. Also, the yellow pigment patches with the BlkEL-types is not focused on the head and is a much deeper tone and more prominently displayed

The animal in question is some variant of BluEL. The yellow flush on the head could be because there is Pastel involved or it could be down to the type of BluEL. SuperMojave and many of the Mojave paired BluELs (ButterMojave, BambooMojave, etc.) often have a degree of pigmentation to their heads


Fair, thats why i only guess at these things, i dont know what every mixture does, just what ive seen, i have a bamboo mojave, but uts only color is the paradoxing, but maybe if it wasnt paradoxed, they would be yellow splotches. It is also hard to remember other morphs like pastel can get in there and confise the whole situation xD. Still fun to guess though :slight_smile:


You’re in the Houston area, aren’t you? Both snakes you’ve asked for help identifying match craigslist photos I’ve seen.


I am not even into ball pythons and this has to be one of the coolest posts ever!