What Gene's could they be

I bought this female as a fire spider but I’m not sure on her Gene’s. I wanna breed my first clutch with her but I’m not sure if she really has fire in her and one I bought as a super pastel vanillahet albino but he doesn’t look like a super to me

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I see three different animals in three different pictures.

First I would guess is a Spider
Second a Pinstripe
Third Pastel

I can’t guarantee what additional genes are in the mixes due to the variation in individuals of the same gene, it can be near impossible to help without knowing the parents.

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Ok thank you

Sorry not stalking you lol. That top picture is a fire spider.

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Lol thanks for the info I really appreciate it

Welcome to the community! I hope you learn a lot. Now to preface, I’m not trying to be rude or talk down on you but based off your other posts you have a lot of research and learning to do before you consider breeding. These are living, breathing animals that require and deserve your utmost respect, and understanding. Not to say you never should breed, plenty of people come in with bad information and later get corrected, I just hope youll stay open to advice and also take your time. Breeding costs a lot of money, and in another post you mentioned not being able to afford taking a snake to the vet. Just be sure you get yourself well in line and have money saved to not only take care of your adults but also all the babies that will be depending on you for care and to get their lives started.