What genetics is my snake showing?




Damn…… anything else?

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I just went for the low hanging fruit. Others here will ask for very specific pictures to look for other morph tells.


Thanks I appreciate it👍

What was your snake sold to you as?
First glance is just high white piebald. As a base gene, piebald can also vary quite a bit. So if you haven’t been told anything other than piebald or don’t know the pairing that produced it, there’s not much else we can say.


I wasn’t told and I didn’t ask lol I was young and just wanted her! I bought her from a friend of a friend, so I’m gonna get her genetics tested👍

It looks to be a low expression yellowbelly pied or a regular pied. I would definitely get her tested though! She is really nice looking!

Definitely Pied. Possible it is a Pied Pastel (lighting is not great so hard to tell but the flecking along the neck area might point to that)

You are welcome to do that, but I will warn that getting a full panel of all the morphs available right now is going to end up costing you more than the actual value of the snake. Add in that some of the most basic morphs have still not been identified on a genetic level so whatever answer you get will not be a complete answer