What gets under my skin

What really gets under my skin (especially when it comes to businesses/sellers) is a lack of any education about your products, improper labeling, names, species etc.

To give an example i saw where a seller clearly has no real idea of what they are selling.

This seller called scorpions insects (cringe) they are arachnids and a type of arthropod.

Secondly the seller has no clear idea about the species. Egyptian yellow fattail is Androctonus Australis Tunisian fattail is Androctonus Amoreuxi not the former.

To me the seller has a duty and obligation to know about what they are selling and should not misrepresent or pass one animal off as another. I have seen on the web people saying they had X animal yet what they had was not what they thought.

Another thing that bothers me is wild caught. This impacts the environment. Another thing about wild caught is you don’t really know the age of the animal, its overall health whether its been exposed to pesticides or parasites or other pathogens and if introduced to your colony at home can have a dire effect on your captive born animals.

What is something you can think of that gets under your skin when it comes to our hobby?


I agree, both of those are two of the main critiques I have with some sellers. Especially when sellers have hot tarantulas/scorpions listed and mention nothing about how they are dangerous (this is mainly at expos). Yes, the buyer should be researching it themselves, but impulse purchases happen and it could cause a major problem that could be fixed by adding a few words, even if it means missing a sale.

I am very annoyed by sellers who specialize in selling wild caught animals. It’s one thing for a seller to sell a wild caught or long term captive animal here and there (which I don’t support but it’s not terrible), but having a seller that pretty much only sells wild caught animals, has a history of doing it illegally, is known to not have some necessary permits for those animals, has very low prices deceiving new buyers, often selling sick/dead animals, and not even labeling them as wild caught on their website (I know of at least 2, maybe 3 sellers that meet all of these criteria) is much worse.

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This 1000% as always i don’t really mention names but i know of the biggest offender is who we both know of.

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