What goes into making a "pied"

I am very interested in the what looks.like pied but is yellow with white. I have SSE that have the high white.but i want the yellow n white version with a bunch of white… everything i find i like is.over seas…

I guess im wondering what i can mix to make my own.


The pied appearance is because of the Eclipse gene. If you look, you can find Raptors, Typhoons, and Radars with little white noses and feet. The pied appearance is probably most noticed/worked on/exaggerated with the Mack Super Snow Eclipses (Total Eclipse/Galaxy), but you could just get an albino Total Eclipse from pied lines and I imagine it would be light yellow. So a Mack Super Snow Radar, Typhoon, or Raptor.


I have 2 super snow eclipse, one male, one female… just curious as to what to mix with them to get what I want…

It would take more than one generation unless one of your Total Eclipses is het for one of the 3 strains of albinism.


I have Eclipses & Radars with big Whiteface, though they are not MS or SS.
This year I have a plan to try mix them with my Total Eclipse Super Pied geckos to find out if SS&Eclipse have gene coupling or MS/SS behave as gene Enhancer/Modifier.
I can’t attach photos unfortunately. Maybe I’ll try later from my PC.