What happened to "Collection" tab?

I miss the “Collection” tab in my “Animals.” I’m growing up a bunch of juveniles, and I used the “Collection” tab quite often. (For anyone who may not know, “Collection” shows all animals currently “Not For Sale” and “For Sale.”) I found it very helpful for a lot of reasons. When it disappeared after some recent changes, I thought it might reappear or that perhaps it was still around and I just needed to relocate it. I haven’t managed to relocate it, lol. Help, please?


Is it now the “all” tab?

Edit: there’s also clicking on the number of animals in your dashboard, which will take you to your “active collection


That was my first guess, but no. “All” includes “Sold,” so not like what I was using before.

This does get me there. I had been going straight to the “Animals” tab before, then doing all the sorting and such. That is where the “Collection” tab had been that I missed. But this does get me there. Thanks, Jess! :grinning:


Yeah, I had to edit because I noticed “all” included every listing, after which my clicking around found me the “active collection” and I figured you meant that. Glad I could help you find your missing tab, sorta! :sweat_smile:

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Me too! It is an extra step, but at least I can get to what I need. Merci!

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