What happens if a reserve price isn't met?

Just curious about What happens if a reserve price isn’t met? Like is the item not sold, does the buyer need to pay the reserve


Typically if reserve isn’t met, the auction ends with no buyer.

In my experience with auctions like eBay and the like…
Sometimes you can contact a seller to ask what the reserve is so you can purchase at that price, but not every seller will part with the item/animal after. Some auctions are a way of tearing the waters on a sell it or keep it decision.
Sometimes if the bids were close, a seller may contact the high bidder and discuss if they want to meet the reserve price.

Regardless, I just assume that if reserve isn’t met, the buyer will usually just relist for sale later or decide to keep them.


@armiyana is correct. If the reserve price is not met, the auction ends, and the animals go back to the price it was originally listed at. The seller has the option to relist it in another auction (if their membership allows them to) with or without another reserve price, or can be listed on sale as a deal for 72 hours. :slight_smile: