What in the world is going on here?

So I just hatched out this crazy-looking boy and was wondering if any of you fine MorphMarket folks could help me identify it. The pairing was a Russo x Butter Pinstripe. He looks nothing like dad and doesn’t exhibit many Russo traits, in fact, he has more differences than similarities. He’s got a decent head stamp on him and as you can see the pattern is very weird, especially by the neck. You can also see that rather than the nose fading out into the chin’s color like most other morphs this one has a defined separation between the two colors. Just under the heat pits there is also some black zig-zagging that creates the appearance of a crocodile’s jaw. Lastly, the pattern stripes down to the underbelly sometimes connecting to a band on the opposing side. It has a very light color, I know what a normal looks like and this is very different. It isn’t yellow like a pastel, it appears to be a light brown. It also lacks the greying on the head that most pastels have. So what do you think? Will be updating after first shed so stay tuned.