What is a reptile you would NEVER own, and why?

Yeah, I found a little one last week when I was digging around in the dirt for the naturalist class I teach at work. I also found a millipede, so I scooped them both into little containers and showed people the differences between them.

I’ve always thought that centipedes kind of look like demonic millipedes. Like if a millipede made some sort of Faustian deal with the devil to be more dangerous and intimidating. :joy:

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oh and I forgot to mention that I won’t keep ostriches. Emus are better


Millipedes are like nice Seth Brundle before the teleporter accident, and centipedes are like the horrific end-stage Brundlefly.


Obessed with the idea that the devil was absolutely ready to make a deal with a lil bug with too many legs