What is my crested geckos morph?

I recently asked about my funky crested gecko Apollo and it was very helpful so I’m hoping I can find out more about my other two! (I’m creating separate post for them to make it easier)

I’m pretty sure he’s a harlequin with partial pinning
(His names Helios)


He is a harlequin high % pinstripe

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Sorry what do you mean by high % pinstripe?

Edit: nevermind I found out what it means thanks!

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Dark based harlequin high % Pinner x


I love his name :+1:

I agree he’s a dark base, harlequin, high percentage pinstripe

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Thank you! I decided to name all my geckos after Greek gods!

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I love that theme. I went for coffee theme :smiling_face:

That’s such an interesting theme!

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