What is my gecko?

What is she? I think she’s a Halloween mask, high yellow, and giant. She is 1 year old I think, not sure.


I could not tell you sadly, looks normal to me, just with less spots than usual. Please wait for somebody that actually knows xD

No idear but so cute and chubby :heart_eyes: :yellow_heart:

Looks like a normal to me too. One that could probably use a diet. @mblaney Any guesses?

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These days (in leopard geckos only- I’m not familiar enough with most other species), what qualifies as ‘normal’ seems to be fluid and change over time. To me she looks like a banded hypo with an adorable smiley-face on her head.

The ‘giant’ part would be more closely related to her length than weight- and some people would likely argue that just being unusually large doesn’t qualify as ‘giant’ unless it’s from Tremper’s original line.

She appears to be a little rubenesque, but it could be that she’s just cooking some eggs, given the season. She should definitely not get any heavier, either way. Maybe lay off the waxies/mealworms just a tad? :wink:

Lol I only feed her crickets and mealworms as a treat sometimes, and she doesn’t eat every day.

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