What is the difference between corkscrew and wobble in ball python?

Hi what is the difference between corkscrew and wobble?

Corkscrew is just a descriptive word the hobby uses for wobble morph animals that express really severe wobbles.


That’s true but there is a difference in appearance, with corkscrew the head corkscrews which looks different to a wobble, You also have star gazing which is as it sounds.
Have a look on Youtube,

Just a clarification, these neurological defects, and are not restricted to certain types of ball python, or even pythons.
Many things can affect neurological feedback in any type of snake.
also humans.

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I don’t need to, I’ve been producing wobble morph snakes for the better part of a decade.

Your statement above makes it seem like the different descriptives you used are identifying different maladies. While there are occasionally examples of environmentally caused neuro, 99.9% of the time it’s due the presence of a wobble morph. The expression of neuro symptoms varies in hatchlings, and often changes one way or the other as they age. Snakes we commonly call corkscrews are just expressing a very severe wobble.


“Wobble” “corkscrew” “spin” “helicopter” “twirl” “tilt” “bobble” “weave” “star gaze”… etc., are all just slang terms to describe suspected neurological-based dysfunctions. None of them are legitimate medical descriptives.

The cause can be anything from genetics to environment to toxin exposure to infection.


My intention wasn’t to make it seem it’s only caused by genetics, but across the field, it’s MOSTLY genetics and not environmental (toxins, bacteria, husbandry, etc.) The other things happen, we’ve all seen them, but by and large it’s got spider in it when someone is wondering why something wobbles :joy: