What is the most uncommon reptile you own?

As I don’t have any reptiles myself, I was wondering what rare pets you all have! So drop your rarest species or morph below

At school I take care of a bullsnake, which I guess is fairly uncommon as a pet. School is closed here, and I miss him a lot. Don’t worry though, he is still being taken care of, just by someone else. Excuse the poor photo! No phones in school means sneaky photos only. I’ve got a nicer pic of him on my other post in case you want to see.


I dont know how uncommon they are but I’m receiving a egg eating snake in a few days. As far as I know not many people have them and there isn’t a whole lot of info like for a more common pet like a ball python but definitely a cool snake either way

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I thought we have a thread that covers this already. Show me your unique animals!


There is a decent FB group for Dasypeltis :+1:t4:

They are fun little buggers

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Oh cool! I’m glad other people know about those awesome little guys