What is this leopard gecko phase?

Hello, im trying to know the phase of that gecko that i bought.
The seller tells me, but i didnt remember.

Thanks you!

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This little one is a Mack Super Snow, I can’t tell 100% from the picture but he/she looks to be Eclipse (partially black/all black eyes) as well!


Thanks a lot! I have already asked the breeder and he has told me that it is Super snow eclipse het tremper het blizzard.

Thanks for the info.

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The truth is very beautiful :blush:


Beautiful! These are also called ‘Galaxies’ or ‘Total Eclipses.’ Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the info and for the welcome. :relaxed::relaxed:

Is this phase considered rare or is it quite common?

Super snows aren’t rare. They’re not as common as albino strains though.

A word of advice on the eyes… Super snow will have ‘eclipse’ eyes. The solid black like yours has because of the way the genes are affected in the eyes. That does not mean that they are carrying the ‘Eclipse’ gene. Which causes a solid black eye in other morphs or solid red in the case of Albinos.
It is possible for snows to carry the eclipse gene, but this eye type does occur naturally in super snows.

Since the breeder does say yours IS eclipse, then he should be carrying that gene as well and be able to pass it down.

I didn’t know this, that is to say that this phase in her is a carrier of the eclipse gene? Interesting all the morphology of these critters. Thank you very much for the information.

The breeder says he is eclipse, so he should be carrying the gene.
it’s rare but sometimes breeders don’t know about the super snow genes and will assume it is eclipse.

If you find a het eclipse gecko to breed to, and they also have mostly or all black eye (or red if they’re albino also) non-super snow offspring then it is definetly carrying the gene.

A gecko that has a partial expression of eclipse is called a snake eye. And can have a half and half or sometimes very subtle looking extra pigment. I’ll attach a picture so you know what to look for.

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ahhhh, I’ve seen the ones with the snake eye, they seem very nice too, although eclipse eye didn’t call me much and now I love it, I liked the nominal eyes better because of the amount of Stripes in it, or the albinos because of the vertical line they carry :heart_eyes:

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It’s my understanding that all visual Eclipses are homozygous recessive and that Snake Eyes are not heterozygous, just a different phenotypic manifestation of Eclipse.

Also, I don’t know about an inherent link between Mack snow and non-Eclipse visually all-black eyes, could others chime in? (@westridge @erie-herps ?) Blizzards can definitely have all-black eyes without having any Eclipse involvement, but I’ve not heard of that property with other morphs before. I could definitely be wrong about this though.

@maxxiim @maxxiiim (Are both of these accounts yours?) Galaxies/Total Eclipses are not uncommon but still very beautiful. Here’s mine, her name is Charity:

I might have just made it sound more confusing than it actually is? It was a long day here and I may have had a bit of the brain fuzz.

I think you are right about snake eyes. I’ve heard it both ways (granted this was a long while ago so maybe that changed) where it’s definitely a marker for the gene but the question was het marker or visual when I was actively breeding. Especially when only one eye is snake eyed. My snow raptor is a snake eye so I personally refer to him as my het eclipse since he doesn’t have that solid red eye.
So if this has been sussed out to snake eyes just being low expression visual and not het markers then I’m sorry for adding to the confusion!

*Blizzard has what looks to be a newer recessive eclipse gene but I don’t know how extensive test breeding to other eclipse animals has been…it could just have been surprise hets from out crossings.

*Eclipse itself is recessive and can show up in all morphs.

*Mack Super Snows will have eclipse eyes as part of the incomplete dominant snow gene. Not a recessive.

It IS possible for a super snow to have the eclipse gene on top of the naturally solid eye color. As I said, my snow has snake eyes, the downside would be if I do breed him to another snow with eclipse gene…how do you tell super snows with and without the additional gene?
I just have seen too many people say that a super snow is eclipse when it’s not at all.

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I agree with this, super mack snows will have solid eyes, even if they don’t have eclipse. I don’t know the difference between a super mack snow eclipse and a super mack snow.

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