What is this little guy?

Hey guys! Here is a cute little spider that I found in my garage. I’m curious if anyone knows what type it is?


Could be a Ozyptila, a species of crab spider.


It does resemble a crab! It curls up like a crab! I kept him anyway! Lol! :pray:


Could be some sort of huntsman spider? Not really sure. Very cool find, though!


Hmmmmm I have seen those for sale on the sales side! I will have to research both yours and @spottedbull David’s suggestions!

Thanks guys! :pray::sunglasses:


Yep Jennifer I do think you are correct about this spider! Evidently they get quite a large leg span as adults and have a crab like appearance. They are also common in Australia and southern parts of the US. I think I will keep it a while just to observe him! :blush:


Some huntsmans do get quite large. In fact, the largest spider on earth by legspan is a species of huntsman spider (the aptly named Giant Huntsman). They’re obviously nowhere near as heavy, but their legspan is larger than a Goliath bird eating tarantula!

I’m not familiar enough with North American huntsman species to identify your little bugger’s species, though I rather doubt they’ll achieve that eye-popping 12" legspan of a giant huntsman. But they’re a very cool family of spiders! They have excellent eyesight, unlike most spiders (aside from jumpers and wolves). They also tend to be lightning fast, so use caution when opening the enclosure!

I found a little huntsman last time I was out on Santa Cruz Island. Sadly I didn’t get a picture, as he (it was a male as I recall) was found on our camp stove right after I lit it, so I was a little preoccupied with keeping him from getting incinerated. :joy: But it was a neat find, I don’t see a lot of huntsman spiders around here.


I think from what I read earlier is that the larger ones are mostly found in Australia, which is just fine by me! lol! I am hopefully going to get some small crickets tomorrow because I want to see how the little guy “hunts”.

For the time being its name is “Hunter” lol’. :blush:


I found a large winged long legged creature in my house today so I decided to give it to Hunter and he definitely “hunted”!

I tried to take a close clear photo but you might need to enlarge it a bit! Lol! My phone came over here on the ark! :rofl: