What is this white stuff?

I found this in my crested geckos habitat today. What is the white feathery stuff? Also, a pick of Moko for fun :sunglasses:


Did you clean it recently? maybe just a fuzzy that got stuck when you put it back together


No, it looks almost like some sort of mold or something


It looks like either some kinda either fuzz or mold do you have a dog? Maybe a stuffed animal or maybe just to be safe throw that plant away they are more than $15

It looks like food has got into the plant (probably by the Crestie) and where it’s been left it’s grown bacteria.

A quick wipe clean should get rid of it.

Cute Crestie :star_struck:


May be mould, but being that long I’m not so sure, doesn’t grown that long over night either, I get it sometimes in mine, looks a bit like fluff :sweat_smile:

No need to throw the plant away. All it needs is a wipe down.
You’ll get mould, fungi, mushrooms growing in bio vivs. All part of the fun :sweat_smile:


It’s just mold. White, fuzzy mold is harmless, just wipe it away.

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