What is your best guess for this morph

I have this little dinker project that I am working on and I am just wondering if anyone out there can tell me if they have worked with one that looks like this. The coloring, pattern and belly looks a lot like Alloy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve only gotten my first ball about 2 months ago and bought her from a pet store. She looks a lot like yours. Was told she was a Firefly (fireball x pastel)

Pastel, doesn’t look like it has fire in it. Firefly would have a busier patter and brighter yellows with a pale head.

I had an import that looked exactly like that last year. Unfortunately it died a week after I got it.

I’ve never seen a Pastel that has that much of a belly pattern though.

I hoping to prove out the belly pattern in the next few years. I am truly hoping that it is either Alloy or a weird new gene that has an amazing Super form. If not, it will be fun working with it.

The pastel comment was in reply to the other guy who posted his snake.

Oh thank you. Like I said I am new to ball pythons so I took the guys word for it. Would it be possible for her to be a carrier then or is fire a dominant trait?

Fire is an incomplete dominant trait so it would be visible if it were there.

That makes sense. I’m trying to learn all I can so thank you for that


Your animal is not a FireFly. There is no Pastel in that animal, they eyes are the giveaway, Pastels have much lighter coloured eyes (most people call them “green” but I will save that argument for a different day). Tentatively I might accept it as a Fire but I would need more/better pictures before I would commit to that ID