What is your favorite Burmese python morph?

Just curious, I don’t own one, but I wanna hear everyone’s opinions.

I don’t own one ether but Blizzard

I don’t own a burm and probably never will due to them getting so beefy, but mine is hypo. It is very simple but also very pretty. My least favorite is granite since I like their normal pattern the most.

I like hypo too, I think that they are one of the only morphs that get better with age.

So, do you think Blizzard Burms retain their beautiful white with age?
Hypos are definitely incredible!

Yes they do, but the hypos get better

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Burms are my first love, and while I really love the gulf coast line of caramel, it was the original Bob Clark albino that started my fascination with reptiles, and so for sentimental reasons that will always be my favorite. If I was limited to just one pet reptile, it would be a big albino burm all day.


I really like the labyrinth. I’m a sucker for a busy pattern.


Labyrinth Caramel Hypo.


Pearl Burmese, their color looks very nice with a shiny look to it.