What Is Your Favorite Type Of Boa Constrictor

I’m interested to hear the communitys’ opinions on Boa constrictors. Here’s what I want you to answer. What is your favorite Boa constricor species, what is your favorite subspecies within that species, and what is your favorite locale. I am personally quite fond of Suriname true red tail boas.


It would have to be a suriname red tail for me. Argentine comes in second. Ive always loved boas over pythons but there’s just something special about the natural colors and widow peaks of a suriname. The first time I saw one I was instantly hooked


You should share some of your red tails on here, I know you have some beautiful ones.

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Thank you! So far its just Rosalie but more are coming.


Argentines all the way. I got my first when I was 14 and now I’ll never have a collection that does not include them. They are the most unique Boa Constrictor, looking completely different from other species/subspecies/localities. I also like the size and the adult temperament. I have five specimens currently, and if I had the space, I’d double that.

Second place would be a tie between BCC (any of the localities that have peaks) and Bolivian BCA. I currently have 5 True Red-Tails (two localities) and a trio of Bolivians.



Those are beautiful animals! I love the bcc, and argetines! I never bought any, the bigger size kinda makes me nervous as far as space is concerned. I only have couple bci, a hog, and what was sold as a 50% Costa Rican. That isn’t putting on the size like the two bci are so? Maybe that’s correct?