What is your gecko’s favorite food/fruit?

What your gecko’s favorite food or fruit? I’m trying to figure out what all I should try to feed my crestie and find out his favorite

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Pangea fig and insect is the one that my two gargoyles have absolutely went crazy over. I’ve heard similar from @ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile i think.


Yes, my Geckos favourite is probably repashy mango & pangea figs and insects.

They also like the repashy cherry bomb, but not as much.

I mix a lot of theirs up so gives it a little different flavour and I add a small amount of bee pollen… They usually eat any flavour as long as there is bee pollen

Their favourite fruit depends on their mood but usually mango, raspberry or strawberry


Mine loves the banana flavour from Gecko Nutrition, not sure if the brand is available outside of the EU though :blush:

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Mine really likes the classic Rapathy, Mango Rapashy, and the Arcadia Gecko Diet (I think it is called Sticky Feet or something like that)

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Oh yes! The absolute fav here!!

And grub and fruit repashy! Which is higher in protein and other things also. :smirk:

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Mine don’t seem to like this flavour much, but I mix it with the other flavours as it appears to be higher in protein

Mine go mad for it, how strange!

If I give the option it’s always that, does smell too :joy:
It’s what I’m using atm, getting better feeding responses as some haven’t been eaten much the Buggers x

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Mine are eating like crazy ATM. But I’m expecting then to stop soon as the weather is getting colder.

Yeah I use it practically every feed, but I just have to mix it with another flavour. I might try it on its own again and see how they get on :crossed_fingers: