What is your opinion of the Arcadia ShadeDweller Arboreal

The Arcadia ShadeDweller Arboreal light is new for the USA, I am not sure about other parts of the world.

What is your opinion of this light?

It is 2.4% UVB and 12% UVA.

I have the 12" Jungle Dawn and was thinking of adding this to my Crested Gecko setup. I know, “they” say they don’t need it.

I use Arcadia for most of my Cresties and works well.

I’m not sure whether Cresties need UV or not but it certainly will make you less worried about it getting MBD.

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I have the 7% one on my fat tails, not going to lie though I don’t turn it on now, they blooming hate the light! :joy: Look at me like I’ve murdered their family and hide. :sweat_smile:
But it’s quite good! Just no point for fattys :woman_facepalming:t2:

Don’t have any UV on any of my Cresties personally. I tried a while back and that was that.
Just Arcadia jungle dawns, and a few have led strip lights til I upgrade them.

But it’s a decent uv so it’s up to you! :grin:

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Personally I think it looks great with UV.

Some people say that Cresties NEED UV, I don’t know if they do and I do have some without it ATM, but majority have it.

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It really is one of those debatable things if they require UVB or not.
I tossed in a UVB 5% on my banded gecko, and she is never out during the day. I figured I had a two-socket light. I might as well use both sockets.

On the crestie, I want to try UVB along with the Jungle Dawn because it is not hiding as much as the banded. Sure it takes me an hour to find the little thing in the leaves and stuff, but it moves around slightly. I figured a low UVB like this couldn’t hurt. It might be a waste of money, not sure.

I think all species probably benefit from UV (both A and B), even nocturnal/crepuscular species.

I also firmly believe that, as is so often the case with this hobby, we have taken that idea way too far. It is rare for any species to be out in the blazing sun all day every day. Further, UV levels wax and wane depending on the time of day and the weather conditions. So why then do we insist on pumping animals with the highest continuous levels of UV that we can fit in an enclosure from lights on to lights off?

I like seeing that Arcadia has started stepping down in UV levels, I believe that will actually benefit animals in the long run.

Next, I would like to see keepers starting to modify light schedules so that the UV bulbs are only on sporadically over the course of the day. I run all of mine during only a three hour window on a randomized on/off schedule.

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I try to do something like that…

I work A couple of days a week so UV doesn’t usually get used on those days.

Other days I use some of the UV lights over a few enclosures throughout the day so they don’t get too much UV time and is different times of the day.

They get more UV time in the lighter months as opposed to the winter months. I like to stay true (ISH) to natural daylight.