What kind of crested is my geckos

I was wondering what kind of gecko my crested is ??


Do you have a photo with the sides of the gecko showing? That will help in identifying its morph. :slight_smile: It’s a lovely gecko!

@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties
A pic from the side will be helpful.

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Firstly, Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here, this is a brilliant community to be a part of :blush:

Now for the question, your little one is a Partial pinstripe :blush:


Welcome to the community, you have a cute lil Gecko :lizard:

Is it a reverse pinstripe? Hard to tell on my phone in the dark. I can have a better look tomorrow.

As previously requested, do you have any pics of the side?

Thanks for the tag @erie-herps


Not a reverse no doesn’t have the dark lines all the way down. :blush:

I’m on my phone too, I’m only ever on my phone :joy: Keep being told off by Reece for being on it. I’m helping people ok’ :sweat_smile:


Hubby tells me off too :rofl:

Looks like it has it all the way along to me, but that could just be the light. Side view will help decide

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Atleast I’m not the only one! :joy:

Stops before the front arms from what I can see. And think it’s shadowing. Usually line is a dark line all the way down to head. So I wouldn’t say reverse just a partial Pinstripe,


here’s a few more pics ! thank you so much for everyone being so incredibly helpful !!


Partial Pinstripe for sure.
Very pretty :blush:
Does he/she have a name yet?


I agree, partial pinstripe. Very pretty :heart_eyes:

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Phoenix but we are still unsure of gender. I personally think she is a girl, but I know little about gendering geckos in person.

Pheonix is a lil cutie :heart_eyes: How old is the Crestie?

Tbh most male Cresties usually have a bulge by the time they reach 1 and half. Do you have a jewellers loop? If so male Cresties will have a line of pores running from one leg to the other underneath it. This may be noticeable without a jewellers loop, but it certainly helps.

It’s difficult to do sometimes, I wait till a Crestie is pressed up against the glass or put in a small tub while I try to check. Torch may also help.


As said a looper would work to tell if any pores. But if you’re happy to wait and find out, then wait :blush:
I find some males can get a bulge from as early as 5g, which is around a couple months old, (our last male was a shower)
Others have shown anywhere up to 15g, Which is usually about 5 months.
Most here show before 10g though, I’ve only had the one that showed at 19g. Little late bloomer! :sweat_smile:

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I am very new gendering gecko, what is a looper/where can i purchase one ? again thank you guys for being so incredibly helpful

A jewellers loop is what jewellers use to look at jewellery. Can get is almost anywhere online and cheaply too. Make sure it’s got 30X. I got mine from Amazon and it has 30X & 60X plus light. The light isn’t great but I use a torch to make it easier.