What kind of morph is this?

This is my first time using this so please excuse any mistakes. Anyways I recently got a leopard gecko who I’ve named Loki, and I have no idea what kind of morph they are. I unfortunately don’t know who the parents were because I got them from Petsmart. Originally I wanted to get one from a private breeder but there weren’t any near me and I didn’t want to have have one shipped until the weather started to get normal. Anyways due to this fact I don’t have any kind of ideas of what kind of morph they are, so if anybody has any ideas of what kind of morph they are, that’d be cool. I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things.
Also if anymore pictures are needed just let me know.
I took these ones outside if that helps and made sure the temperature outside was ok.

In person they have a bit of yellow on their legs.


Since you don’t know its genetic history, it’s not possible really possible to ID its morph with any sort of reliable accuracy. If you want something to use as a descriptive label, you could call it an Aberrant. You won’t know more about its final pattern until it matures. While it might have something like Mack Snow in there, it’s not possible to be sure.


Thank you for responding! I know that I can’t know for sure what kind of of morph they are considering their history and since they are still quite young. But yeah I was mostly looking for some kind of descriptive word. Since I’m not going to breed them anyways It doesn’t really matter but It’s pretty nice, to be able to describe them as something. I’ll have to do more research into leopard gecko genetics, especially as mine grows and ages. This is a wonderful community and I hope to continue my knowledge on the subject.

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Honestly, Loki is super cute! :heart_eyes:

I would say that it’s quite possible that Loki is a Mack Snow (which is different from a Mack Super Snow). Depending on how your wee baby looks when it grows up, the morph description might change. Leopard geckos change color and pattern as they age, especially in the first year of life.

My leopard gecko Ochocinco, for example, had only one or two spots when I bought him. He then went on to develop many, many smaller spots and got much darker- it was so cool to watch! It was like a new surprise after every time he shed. :wink:

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