What kinda bearded dragon is this

I have this bearded dragon bought it from my friend a couple months ago I’m starting to do more research about different bearded dragon morph’s but I don’t know what kind of bearded dragon this is. It also hates eating it’s greens I try to mix it up with other veggies or insects but doesn’t eat the greens


We welcome to this wonderful community! Unfortunately I have no experience with beardies but he/she looks great and is very pretty! Someone else here mentioned that her beardie doesn’t like greens either but I can’t remember who! Lol!

I am sure someone will come along with answers for you!



Thanks you :pray:t4::100:


Hey, beautiful beardie!!

Beardies really only have a few morphs -
Pure black eyes - translucent
Clear nails ( no brown stripe) - hypo
Smooth scales - leatherback
Rough scales - normal
No scales - silk backs
Then you get into the Zero and Witblits

You definitely have a leatherback, I can see some brown in the eyes so not a trans, can’t see the nails so I’m unsure if he’s a hypo, but he’s colours are really bright so I’d guess so.

Colour wise is not really a morph but he’s got some lovely blue bars so I’d say he’s a hypo (clear nails depending) blue bar citrus :))

Organic Bee pollen for the veg, you can grind it up or blend it so it’s like a powder and sprinkle on the veg, it’s like beardie drugs, they love it!! It’s a natural product so you can use it often, but once he starts eating the veg I’d start reducing the amount until eventually he’ll eat it without the pollen. I’ve rescued beardies that have had the same issue and it hasn’t failed yet :slight_smile: Be consistent and put veg in there everyday, even if he doesn’t eat it!!


Thank you :100:

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Everything I was about to say lol