What length, age, and weight do female boas have to be to breed?

Hi, all my questions are in the title. Thanks in advance.

+6 feet, 15 - 20 lbs, and 5 years old.
Some people will breed with less weight and age, and others won’t. Some of it comes to preference. I will tag some of the wonderful people that helped me with this question.


I’ve personally rarely weighed my Boas, or measured their length. I have a good idea of the ballpark they’re in but didn’t think it would benefit me knowing a dead on.

As Lumpy said that is a good baseline.
I’ve bred females at 4 years, I’ve bred males at just under 2 years. The condition of the animals are extremely important, a quick grown female may breed at a younger age but you’ll shorten her life dramatically to get her there.


I also do not weigh or measure my boas. Typically my females are ready around 5 years of age. Any faster than that and they start to look fat around 2 or 3 years old. Males will breed at almost any size once sexually nature but you don’t want them to wear themselves out so 2 or 3 years usually.


Also what month of the year do you pair them? I was planning to maybe pair 1-2 of my boas on December 21st.

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I’ve paired in August all the way through March. The usual pairing time frame can vary depending on location, local weather, etc. Here in Kansas I’ve had good luck pairing anywhere from early October through February. I will probably not be pairing anything until the first of the year myself, but then again if I get the feeling things are gonna happen I’ll go ahead and pair.