What Morph is my Ball Python?

Hi everybody,

I’ve had ball pythons for a while but this is the first morph I’ve had. I got her from a friend of the family and we have no idea what morph she is. Could any of you let me know what she is? I would like to breed her eventually as well so I also want to know what to breed her with to produce the coolest genetics. She is probably the best eating, friendliest snake I’ve had. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!



At a glance, your noodle looks like she could be a Super Stripe, which would be an allelic combo of specter and yellow belly.
Or possibly a pastel genetic stripe.

The photos aren’t the best for IDing though…
If you can get some photos in natural light with the snake visible from the side and from above, that will help for a better ID.



Hi, Dan. I agree with armiyana above, a super stripe combo or genetic stripe combo would be my first guess but to get you a better answer we would need photos from directly above and the sides of the animal, as well as clear pictures in natural lighting of her headstamp and her color.

I did just want to add one thing - I would strongly recommend not breeding an animal whose genetic background you don’t know. It is a recipe for running into issues (you don’t know what genes may be present that cause potential health issues when paired with certain other genes) and if she’s an adult she may have already been bred and had something go wrong, she could actually be male, or she could have other unknown health issues that could make breeding dangerous for her. In addition to that, the ball python market is incredibly saturated and before you breed you’d need to have individual enclosures for every single baby she could have long-term, as you might easily be keeping babies for months to years - and before you consider breeding, definitely familiarize yourself more with the genes as well. My rule of thumb is that if I can’t look at an animal and positively ID the genes it has with ease, I’m not ready to breed any of those genes.


Hello and welcome to the forum! You have a really nice looking girl there! I am glad you found us!

I am a keeper but not a breeder. You have gotten some great solid advice from @inspirationexotics regarding your desire to breed her. I know you didn’t ask but imho, and if I were you, I would just give her a great home as a pet instead of a producer, especially since you don’t know her genetics/background. She deserves to be a pampered pet! :blush:

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