What morph is my bearded dragon

I have this young female bearded dragon I scored of craigslist for incredibly cheap and wanted to see if I was correct on my analysis of its genetics. I’m guessing it’s a citrus/ yellow Leatherback, but curious if that’s a genetic stripe and possibly Dunner. Thanks in advance for the help


I’m not sure on the morph but I think @westridge could help with that. I’m not sure if you’re planning to but I wouldn’t recommend breeding her. Unless you’re positive on the genetics and that they came from a very good source then craigslist animals are best kept as pets.

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Blue-Bar Citrus Leatherback, not Dunner, not Genetic Stripe. The tail tip does not look like it is healing right, so keep an eye on that.


I noticed the tail tip too. The darkening of it reminded me of necrosis.


I was wondering about the tail. Anything I can do myself?

I was thinking it could be stuck shed, if it doesn’t come off with the next shed there likely isn’t anything that you can do.

Ok thank you for all your information it’s been greatly appreciated