What morph is my female Leopard gecko?

Hey guys just wondering if any one would be able to help me find what what morph my Leopard gecko is. I know shes an albino of some kind but thats about it


Without knowing her lineage, all you can really say is albino. Out of the three, Temper seems to be most common for big box shops or casual keepers. But it’s still not something you can say for sure

Based on her overall body color and markings that looks like her only gene. You can post a photo of her eyes of you’d like to double check for one of the eye affecting genes.


I can try and get ones of her eyes. I am also just wondering bc i am seeing so many mixed signals. If u have a guess that would be nice. U have for others so thats why im asking.


Heres her eyes and a better picture

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Welcome to the forum @ashy! You have a cute little girl there! I am not knowledgeable about morphs but you will get some answers I am sure! :blush:

I’d say more than likely tremper albino