What morph is my new baby corn?

I bought a corn snake in January 2020. Can anyone guess what his morph might be?


Looks like an anery or a charcoal. It can be hard to tell the two apart.

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I agree, Anery or possibly a charcoal. Nice snake. What did you name this cute fella? Or is it a girl?

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Gotta agree Anery. But my goodness what a cutie! Looks full of personality already <3

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His name is Chester :blush: Thanks!


Good luck with your little dude. If you ever need any advice the forum, and myself, will be around to help! Would love to get pics and updates as he grows from a thread to a proper noodle.

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For my 1st reptile later this year I was gonna go for a Corn snake just like him but I realized I might have a harder time tracking down quality rodents in my area for food so I decided to aim for a U. geyri lizard instead despite their hi heat and uv requirements. I can get their food at the grocery store since they primarily eat veggies. I just wanna pet Chester. Hes so adorable😍!!

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Thank you! I LOVE him :grin: He loves being handled and I am so happy about that :orange_heart:

Sooo cute…

This is my lil Sherman Okeetee named him Cornelius :rofl:


I love how the colors pop on an Okeetee. I have to get updated pics of everyone but this is my newest girl I bought to grow up and breed. Her name is Cerces. This doesn’t show much more than her colors. She is an Extreme Reverse Okeetee.