What Morph is my Red Gecko?

. I need to know the morph for both of my lizards. I want to double check I know them properly


The one on the left (female) is a red bicolour, and the male is a harlequin pin dash.

Personally I wouldn’t pair these myself, I’d go for similar morphs for them.

Hope this helps though :blush:


Do you have pictures of the parents and know the lineage? Without it, then we realistically have no clue genetically as to what your gecko could be carrying.

The best you’re gonna get is a theoretical ID of the phenotype… not the genetic makeup. And it looks like you have already gotten an answer from one of the best to do so. Ghoulish is good at this!

The thing to understand about Elishas ID here though

Is, mentioned above, while I agree (not that my opinion on would trump Elishas), this is a “red” “bicoloured” crestie… this doesn’t necessarily mean it is a Red - Bicolor by genetics.

Genetically guessing (and wildly), it looks like the “red” you are seeing is infact a reduced pattern OP - Yellow

Its really messy in the world of Crested traits, but we’re starting to figure them out. I absolutely would not list this animal for sale as Red without proper lineages.


Thank you both for your help. They already bred. I got some really really nice looking Hatchlings.


No pics of the parents. I got my female as a gift like 6-7 years ago. She is from petsmart lol. My male is from a local Reptile and Fish store.

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Sadly my female passed away about 2-3 weeks ago :frowning: still heartbroken :broken_heart:

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I can’t even tell the female is red in that pic! She also looked very small in those pics, too small to be breeding. I know you said her age, but weight is more important. Do you know the cause of her death?

If your planning to sell the offspring, I’d suggest selling as pet only due to lack of lineage, plus depending as to reason why female died