What morph is she?

Hey everyone, I brought a hatchling Mystic ball python a couple of years ago and have had a mixed review of what people think her morph is so thought I’d ask the experts :grin:. I’ve had mystic as that’s what she was sold to me as, Mojave and phantom… just double checking what she is really. None the less she’s gorgeous to me :heart_eyes:. This is Luna…


Looks like a mystic to me. Also, are you saying mystic is a combo of Mojave and phantom? Or are those the other genes you think she might be?

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Well Luna why dont you tell us? It looks like you might stand to make a killing off this. Haha.

Thank you for your input. Not a combo just the other morphs mentioned to me.

Haha if only she could let us know :laughing:

Looks like a mystic to me as well.


Ahh good I thought she did as well and then started getting thrown off by others opinions on what she was. Thank you I think so too :slight_smile: