What morph is this ball python?

Sorry for the crappy pet store photos.


It looks like a lesser along with another morph to me. If you’re looking to purchase I would recommend not getting it there since chain pet stores often don’t care for them properly (which can be seen in this picture).

Looks like a cinnamon to me, rather than a lesser :thinking:


Do cinnamons have all the alien heads that high? I knew they had some, but I didn’t think that many.

It’s more common in cinnamon combos than in straight cinnamons, but it can happen. This individual is a particularly nice cinnamon. As a pet shop find it might have something more, but I only see cinnamon as a definite in that animal. Everything else would be conjecture until bred and proven out.


I agree with @trnreptiles and @snowgyre that it is a cinnamon, and nothing to do with lesser.


I’m still learning morph identification, but to me, definitely looks like my cinnamon girl, just without the pastel.

I’m still new at trying to ID morphs for royal pythons, but I agree it looks cinnamon

Cinnamon definitely no lesser! There is some stellar examples of cinny lesser on the morph Wikipedia page on here lol.

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