What morph is this crested gecko

I want to buy a crested gecko and the seller doesnt know his geckos morph. But i really want to buy it can anyone tell what morph is this crested gecko?

Any better side pics?

Going by this it looks like a Harley pin dash Dalmatian but side pics would help as may be a tri and clearer pics too.

I will say looks underweight in photos though,
And if looking to breed I personally wouldn’t buy as not a clean Dal, it’s what I’d call a ‘messy’ Crestie, and structure isn’t the best. If pet only then doesn’t matter :black_heart:


Thanks. İ want to breed crested geckos but im not good at morphs. Theres not much options in my country because they are illegal here. İ will try to found better options.

Ah that’s ok, maybe doesn’t matter too much then but she is very slim…

Is that your male?

I will say that the tub is way too small, you need atleast a 45x45x60 for an adult crestie…

I agree with Ghoulish Cresties. I wouldn’t breed that Gecko.

I’d pick either plain Dal with plain Dal or clean pattern to clean pattern is possible. Messy Cresties (as Ghoulish Cresties mentioned) are not desired for breeders so would limit who you can sell them too.