What morph is this

Hi guys, ive been given this ball python but have no idea on what morph he is… anyone have any ideas please


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on a great looking BP! I am not a morph expert at all (just ask @logar Logan) :joy:! He will agree! :joy: However my uneducated guess would be a very pretty normal. The pictures are of different lighting so it’s kinda hard for me to tell for sure!

Anyhoo! I am looking forward to see if anyone agrees with me! (Logan?):thinking::joy:


Appears to be wild-type (also known as normal), but it would be easier to tell with a picture of the snake’s whole body on a flat surface in a well lit area


Welcome to the community @viking1990! That looks to be just a nice normal ball python. Normals can come in all different examples with their alien heads and slight color. Looks like a real looker! I love how some of the alien heads have no keyholes! :smiley:


Fantastic guys thank you, he’s a propwr handsome lad, doing really well and really healthy, i got him from my brother who also loves reptiles so just meeded a littlw more info on him, i also have a bumblebee het morph to which hopefully will breed to make some gorgeous BPs



A bumblebee het what?
Just as a heads up, unless the other snake is carrying the het or visual version of the gene, the only snakes you will hatch if pairing to this normal would be:
-Pastel spider
The het gene may not be present in the offspring and they would all be considered 50% het
Because of the spider wobble, it could also be difficult to sell the single gene spiders or even the bumblebees since they are among the most common morphs and could have varying amounts of wobble.

Just some food for thought since the market is very overstaturated at the moment.


Welcome to the community, he is quite a handsome ball python!


Thank you #gina5678
Loving life with my 2 BPs


What an adorable bp! I believe you’ve got yourself a beautiful little wild-type (also known as normal) there!

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