What morph my corns are?

Can you please help me identify what morph my corns are?

This is the one from which everything started, after this we bought another 7 :grin:
Nr 1




That’s all so far what we have, another 3 still to come as they didn’t have enough feeds


I can’t help on the morphs but I wanted to say that those all look amazing! I’m starting to want corn snakes now.


The one on the very top with no number appears to be a sunkissed. Then number 1 is an amel, number 2 is probably an ultramel (possibly a different hypo type, but ultramel would be my best guess), number 3 is a stripe, and number 4 is a cubed stripe.


Yes they are beautiful snakes, I used to have couple as a teenager, and now my daughter wants to breed them

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Thank you for your help, can you please explain me what that cubed means?

Cubed is just the presentation of the stripe. It’s still genetically a stripe, but instead of the normal stripe presentation, which is two narrow stripes running the length of the body and breaking up into little dashes, a cubed stripe has little bowtie or cube shapes. Again, still ‘just’ a stripe genetically speaking, but looks a little different than what stripes normally look like.

I see so basically cubbed is just thsnks to this pattern

Yes, those square shapes that go down the body are what makes it a cubed stripe.

Amazing, thank you very much for clarify that massive thank you :blush:

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You’re very welcome! Corn snakes are my passion so I’m happy to share any knowledge I have.

Great then, thank you again and I will definitely add couple more pictures of my other ones when I finally collect them