What morph should I pair with my Butter Pinstripe?

What morphs would be good to pair with my Butter Pin? I’m just getting into breeding and I was thinking Enchi Pastel or Super Pastel, something along the lines of that. My butter pin is not large enough to breed yet but I’m still wondering.

Given how common and readily available all of those morphs are, if you must breed her I’d consider pairing to something higher end to make the offpspring more marketable/desirable


Yeah, It’s just that I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something more crazy and fail. I want to kinda get the hang of it with simple morphs, but I don’t know…

Recessive Morphs and make your own hets


I’m not saying go all in on a 15k monsoon, but adding in some more desirable traits will make it easier to find homes for babies and set your projects up on a better start. You can pick up a nice desert ghost + incomplete dominant trait like enchi, spotnose, cinnamon etc for around $500 and then at the very least all the offpsring will be het for DG


Okay, thanks!

thank you :snake: :snake:

I would stay away from super anything because it prevents variety in that everything will carry a copy of the gene that is super. I would certainly pic at least a two gene animal but look for a combo that will make things pop. Perhaps OD with Vanilla or Fire would brighten and add great color. Something with Leopard might really mess with the patterns. I especially love Leo Pins. They are my favorite Pin combo because it reduces some of the striping. Here is a pic of a clutch I produced a number of years ago. It is simply a Mojave Pastel to a Leopard Pinstripe. You can see how much variety you can have with just 4 genes. Best of luck whatever you chose.


Oh wow, thank you! and those are some babies! I definitely will look into those morphs. :snake: :star_struck:

And yeah, this OD butter pin fire looks nice!

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