What morphs are my two hognoses?

Hey guys!
I have two hognose snakes I would like to challenge y’all to identify. I need to know their morph in order to breed them accordingly. Also, any suggestions on what I should breed to each one? the two left pictures are the same hoggie.



The first one is a normal and the second one is a conda. Given you needed them identified I am guessing you didn’t get them from a reputable breeder, and that you haven’t owned them long/haven’t researched much. I have never even owned a hognose and I could identify them with ease due to the research I have done. Hognose snakes are not the easiest snakes to breed, and I wouldn’t recommend it as ones first breeding project given the complications that can arise. @stewart_reptiles can give you information on why they aren’t easy to breed, and how the babies can be hard to get to survive unless you are experienced.

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Okay thank you for your help! I have had one for over 2 years and the second for less than a year. I got them from some pretty good breeders at a repticon but unfortunately lost their containers that had what they were :frowning_face:

I always encourage people to own the snakes for at least 6 years before jumping into breeding. It gives a better chance of success, especially with a harder to breed/raise species like hognose. Once Deb responds she can tell you why hognose are not easy to breed. I know the females are notorious for eating the males and the eggs.


Thank you, I appreciate your advice!

Definitely a conda and a normal, as Ashley said.

I bred my pair within months of getting them :sweat_smile: but I had done a lot of research before going through the breeding process and understood the risks beforehand.

I hatched out 6 healthy babies, and all of them were accepting f/t pinky mice within a month or so (besides the one I was requested to keep on live by the future owner that had put a deposit down on one)

I do agree that more research needs to be done, and you do need to consider the risks of breeding hognoses. They can be difficult and I think I was just lucky with my first season breeding them. Best of luck either way!

Answers are correct you have a conda and a normal.

As far as breeding, breeding is the easy part so long you do your research on optimal weight, cooling period, and proper feeding.

The hardest/trickiest part is to get hatchlings started, requires a lot of patience as the will not all start on unscented f/t pinkies, and making sure they are well started is very important before they are sold/rehome, so your future customer does not run into issues as many do.

As far as specific mutation to breed it depends on what your goals are and your budget, obviously a conda, super conda, lemon ghost are all good options if you want instant results, if you are looking longer term projects you can work with recessive.

Do your research and than if you have specific question just ask.