What Morphs/Combos does everyone enjoy?

I’m trying to think of where to expand my breeding projects in the future (as of now my only “goal” combo is an albino BEL) and wanted your opinions! Currently I’m looking to work with Pieds, Bananas, and pinstripe combos!

Pics of my upcoming breeders of said combos for your enjoyment!

Not this guy though :top: he refuses to breed anything but he’s pretty LOL


I know nothing about breeding anything but you have got some really pretty animals! It’s too bad your “pied piper” doesn’t want to cooperate for you but he is indeed a very pretty boy! :star_struck:


The best part is, he way my first snake purchase to breed! He must know that :skull:


Yep! He played you like a fiddle! Lol! :joy:.


He’s so lucky he’s beautiful :joy::joy:


As a heads up, Albino BELs are prone to what’s called ‘bead eye’ or microphthalmia. Basically small eyes, the opposite of bug eyes. You can check some of the sold listings in morphmarket from BEL albinos to see what I mean.

That said… it’s great to have a goal to work forward to and you already have some wonderful looking noodles


I mostly have seen super forms of Mojave or lesser with the albino have those issues. I specifically want to try and make it harder to have defects, so maybe go for something less common in the BEL complex without a super form as well, maybe that’ll help that issue?


It’s possible. But seeing it happen with both Mojave and lesser/butter does make me feel it could be more of an issue with the BEL complex the way that it can also cause the same issue with BEL Pied.
It’s not just a weird issue isolated to lesser/butter like bug eyes

Regardless… If you do pursue it, I hope one of the other BEL genes proves out to be less likely to occur.

Also remember that a lot of the less commonly used BEL genes don’t always make the pure white snake when combined. Unless you try bamboo. I think that’s the only one I haven’t seen used for a pure white snake that had the chance for bead eye yet


I was thinking of bamboo for other possible projects too, so maybe that could help out. I don’t see many breeders using them! I want to avoid defects as much as possible and still make these awesome looking snakes