What morphs is my new corn?

Just picked this little guy up at a local petsmart, but he was just labeled as a fancy cornsnake lol. What morphs would you say he is?


Motley for sure, but I would say diffused as well.


Masque, Motley, Diffused or high white sided. Might also have some bloodred in them. Masque is theack of color on the head. Motley is the saddles and lack of color there. High White/Diffused is how high the white from the belly travels up the side of the snake.

Is high white sided the same as piedsided? The closest match i have found looking through what is for sale here is motley, bloodred, masque, piedsided.
I picked him up as a future mate for my girl that is a crimson (hypo + miami phase) motley, buff, carmel.

I’m not up enough on my genetics to know that sorry… I’d say maybe? Or at least maybe similar. But sometimes with these things it’s two completely genes that cause it. Hopefully someone can answer.

What I do know is white sided is used for rat snakes and bull snakes. I’m not sure if it’s used with corns. I just use it cause that’s what I recognize it as.

“White sided” is not a term used in corns. Are you thinking of “pied sided”? Which I don’t see any pied sided in this baby, although it does have good lateral diffusion. If it has any pied spots, they’ll be more apparent after a few sheds. And I wouldn’t call this snake bloodred, since it’s pretty clearly lacking red factor, but it does appear to be diffused.

Edited to add, actually going back to look at the pictures, one of the pictures may be showing some pied along the neck. I think I would need to see some pictures in natural light to see if that is actually pied.


I’m just getting started back to this hobby and not up on all these morphs yet. What exactly is piedsided?

It’s usually associated with the bloodred/diffused morph, although it’s been outcrossed into a few other morphs. It creates white splotches up the sides of the snake. There are different levels of expression, low, medium, or high which refer to how much white is present. There are also no expression pied sideds, which come from two pied sided parents but don’t actually show the trait themselves. The mode of inheritance isn’t super clear yet. Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a bunch of pied sided bloodreds: Ians Vivarium - Pied Sided Bloodred Cornsnake



Thanks so much for the clarification. I knew that someone would be able to tell us for sure about the white sided/Diffused situation. I’m still getting into the deeper end of genetics and so still have quite a lot to learn.

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Solarserpents, Since you seem to be pretty knowledgable on morphs, what would your opinion be as to what i have here? I have no idea, but just laughed when i saw him at petsmart labled as a “fancy corn” for only $80. I plan to start breeding and trying to get several different morphs to work with.

Are you talking about this one?

If I were you, I wouldn’t breed a snake I don’t 100% know the genetics and history of. The best breeding stock comes directly from another breeder, not a chain pet store for cheap. Cheap unknown stock=cheap unknown babies that are going to be hard to sell. You cannot label the babies as what everyone thinks this male has in him, as it could be wrong and then you are selling incorrect stock. A good corn snake with nice morphs from a good breeder isn’t overly expensive. Invest in good stock for breeding and not the cheapest you can find. Remember, just because you can breed it doesn’t mean you should.


Many many great cornsnakes on the MorphMarket that are inexpensive (don’t want to call them cheap) and would make great breeders for first timers.

I’ve always been told to buy as expensive as you can for whatever hobby you are doing. Then work your tail off to get better supplies as your experience grows.

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No that one i bought from k&s exotics on MorphMarket . It’s the one with multiple photos that i don’t know anything about.

You mean the one you have posted in this thread? The one from Petsmart? That is most likely a diffused motley. As to whether it has any hets, there’s no way to tell.