What Morphs/traits should be bred to Super Black Pastel Panda Pied?

These 4 pics were taken of this beautiful kink “free” panda, this AM… highlighted the tail for the doubters, who I normally would ignore. Compare this tail to your best snake, to help you understand what a kink is Vs a snake ready to poop :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
If there is a kink anywhere on this snake including the tail, then it’s in a jealous eye only :rofl:🫣


Not to sound rude, but you seem to come off as very combative when others are just suggesting you don’t breed animals that are predisposed to have genetic issues. You can’t get away from the issues with “high quality blood” or anything else. It’s the genetics of these morphs that people are talking about.
I understand wanting to get input, but when people give input and you instantly try to discredit what they’re saying, it’s not a great look. Despite what looked like a kink, there is still the question of odd head shape/bulging eyes as well.

I understand you asked for opinions on what to breed, but that is also going to come with comments on what others may suggest not to do.


Definitely some sausage butt going on! I like the nice sized dark patches, but my favorite part of that snake is the white nose with the dark head all around it! Whatever different genetics people can use to produce pieds that look like this, the contrast between the dark and pure white is striking! Always a head turner type of look!

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Appreciate the positive comments!

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I actual agree with your observation. I’ve learned a lot from negative comments over the years but expected to get fun ideas from my post here, which was to help the community if I decided to do something most in the business cant do, based on my inventory.

My frustration shows in my response because instead of asking if there was a defect… the post made inaccurate accusations that there were defects. I feel taking time to engage these types of posts can be important, so I took pics showing they were wrong.

Just look at our news today. [Politics Redacted] We all need to do better!

I will try to do better and do appreciate you for taking time to constructively comment!


Please keep this place politics free.

This is a place to avoid the crazy world outside of these doors :wink:


It seems to me that you’re only concerned with one of the common defects in panda pieds and that’s kinks. As others have pointed out, the head and bill shape of your animals is well outside of normal parameters, and at least one of them has macrophthalmia. Duck bills and large eyes are defects that are endemic to homozygous Black Pastel for the same reason that kinks are. It’s directly tied to the gene complex.

My question regarding the kinking is how many of these animals have you produced?


Flawed logic there:

Who knows, it takes genetics to make feathers at all. Maybe one day a true feathered BP will be found

It takes a lot more than just the single ‘blip’ mutation we are used to for morphs to switch the entire pigmentation processing system from yellow over to red. So, short of a huge selective pressure and more than a few generations, we will not be seeing a “true red” BP


I have a hard time making my point at times without real life examples!
Some people prefer to attack and cancel and accuse without any real facts or proof… I was just frustrated… but decided not to respond to the ignorant in the future
Sorry you had to edit me :v:t2: