What morphs would you buy first?

If/when I get into Ball Pythons, I’d probably go for Sunsets, Leopard Clowns, Bamboos, Confusions, and Axanthics.

Sunset’s one of those recessives I want to see on everything.

Have you seen banana BH lemon blast? Take away pastel and add cinnamon maybe for a purple snake

I wouldve brought only supers and females.


Very true indeed that’s why I breed a lot of sables!!! Stellar snake!!! I would of got into the paint gene when I had the chance!!!


Im starting off with banana, pied, albino, black pastel, clown, lesser, pastel, od, and yb


enchi too i forgot

check out black head with banana. very few and very cool.


been needing to get a little black head into my collection, I have black pastel for the same reason. banana looks great with dark genes

There have only been like 8 for sale all time on morph market which to me would seem to make that mix more valuable.

Banana is a form of t+ albino so looks real good with any dark genes. Blackhead can make some amazing combos with a lot of genes. And it’s allelic to spider and hgw. Very powerful gene.


You guys are killing me talking about how awesome blackhead is, I want one so bad!


It mixes very well with the bel genes too!

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I would pair one to my banana spider VPI… I’d love to pick up a super female but so rare and $$$.


@hthompson23 With incomplete dominant genes I buy males first you can breed them to a large number of your females. You get visuals in the first clutch keep your females from them. Recessive traits I do in the reverse get a couple of females and hold back het males. Females take way longer to get to breeding age/size. Recessive you won’t get visuals without two carriers so makes more sense to me!