What morphs would you buy first?

If you could start at the beginning, knowing what you know now. Which ball python morphs would you buy?
And what morphs would you want to create from those you purchased?
I have a lot of ideas of my own whenever I get to that point. Would like to hear your thoughts. This will be interesting.


This’ll sound a bit corny but, I have for the most part the snakes I would want to start with.

My first snake is a pastel mojave who is probably het for pied and hypo, excited for the possible pied, hypo, eh, maybe one day I’ll see if she is.
The next snake I got was a pastel leopard who is het for pied so I can try to prove out my Mojave.

Then I got a soulsucker, though I was planning on getting a kingpin, but it all worked out because I have a pinstripe as well.Plus both my soulsucker and pinstripe are het for clown!

What a nice bonus right? (Although, I want a kingpin or a soulsucker pinstripe more than a clown)
All of these guys are going to get me things I want.
However I’ve been thinking about getting one more little noodle, I’m kinda torn between a Ghi Yellowbelly, or a banana lesser spotnose.

But to stay on track with your question, I’d probably get still get some kind of Mojave combo along with a Lesser combo.
That way if your doing this for money, you could get the ever reliable bel to sell, or keep.
And so long as the other Gene’s are different as well you’ll have a nice variety of animals to keep or sell. Just my two cents.:nerd_face::+1:


Thats what I got first. Banana pinstripe lesser fire


Start with the morphs you like to look at most.


I would get 2-3 visual females. I would want a clown, pied, and desert ghost female. Then I would buy a visual male that is het for one of those females. Preferably with leopard, yb, and/or black pastel.

I’m hoping to combine all three in the future, but I think I would be on my way a little faster if I started with a female. My first snake was a male =)

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The general advice for anyone:

  • Get morphs you really like.
  • Try your best to find out how the adults of morphs look at 1 year, 3 years, 5 years+ old
  • Get females first, and then look at males 1-2 years later.
  • If you like morphs with a cool super form, get those morphs on females.
  • If you like recessives, get females. Visual if you can afford it, het if you really can’t.

My personal “favorite” morphs I’d start with if I did it again:

  • Black Head
  • Trojan
  • Acid / Confusion / Static
  • Red Stripe
  • Clown
  • Pied

Love this Piebald. Is that a Pinto pied?
Not good at guess, but thought I would take a crack at it. LOL

This is what I like. I already have a Piebald Male. I think this would be a great start. What you think?

Albino het Pied- F
Albino Mojave- M
Desert Ghost - F
Pastel DH Desert Ghost/Pied - M
Lesser Orange Dream - F
Banana Spider het Albino - F
Pastel Enchi Calico - F
Leopard YB 100% het pied - F
Fire YB 100% het Pied - M

I personally don’t like clown, pinstripe, or genetic stripe much. I know clowns are hot right now. Seems like everyone is producing them. If I saw a need to get a specific look that a customer wanted I might be inclined to buy a couple with clown in them.

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Why do you say buy females first?

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Most people typically buy females first because they take longer to grow up to the proper breeding size.

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Ok that makes sense. I plan on finding subadult single gene females to go with powerhouse males

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That’s not the worst strategy, but subadult females close to breeding size will be considerably more expensive than hatchling females of the same morph or morph combo.
I would suggest getting a few females, then saving up and 2 years later get that powerhouse male. Males can breed as early as 8 months old, I’ve even heard of them breeding earlier but not with my experiences.


I have 2 pretty much hatchling males now. Super lesser and a banana fire pinstripe lesser.

NOw im serching for a female bamboo and leoprad but I have plenty of time


That’s a great starting point you have! :nerd_face::+1:
Also, I left this out, but other people have said it, however it bears repeating; Always get morphs you like.

Me, I like pinstripe, genetic stripe, and Mojaves. I love seeing clean simple patterns on my animals.
But others may like busy patterns, buts ok.
You get what you like cause at the end of the you’re going to be taking care of them. So you might as well get what you like. :grin:


I want to make some BEL’s, Cherry Bombs, Banana Pieds, All kinds of Pieds and Albinos. I have a lot of ideas in my head. I have been wearing out the morph calculator. LOL

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When you say cherry bomb do you mean albino super lesser? Or like albino super black pastel? I think its called a blizzard ball

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Mojave Albino x Mojave Albino
Albino Super Mojave they call it the
Cherry Bomb

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I’d like to make a white snake with red eyes. There are so many ways though.

I was looking at albino pinto pied and albino super cinnamon as well . Even a vpi snow is really nice looking. Albino super fire seem cheapest but not solid white.

I think the albino pinto pied looks the most white


That is a nice snake too. I have not seen that one yet. So many combinations. I like the Pink tint to the Cherry Bomb. Heck I like all the white ones. Its so hard to choose.

Just search albino from most exspensive to least and youll see many combos

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