What morps have my new babe gecko?

1 and 2 parents


i think 1 is phantom yelow
2 is hq
3 idk phantom yelow too ?


First is a yellow harley pin dash with tiger, second is a tricolour pin dash with tiger. Last is a yellow Harley pin dash with tiger again. :grin:


I feel like the baby has reverse pin also


Unfortunately I’m not too experienced with crestie morphs, I know more about bp’s :sweat_smile:


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  1. I would consider a yellow based flame with mininal pinning
  2. Tricolour extreme harlequin partial pin
  3. Yellow harlequin with reverse pinning (tigering)

Tigering is a fixed trait meaning all crested geckos has it so I don’t personally believe it is worth mentioning unless it is visual like in the 3rd, where it shows as reverse pinning, or is very prominent - he has too much pinstriping to be considered a harlequin tiger though :blush:

Since both the yellows show decent amounts of white pattern (WP) on the dorsal, neither are phantoms.

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