What new features do you want to see?

Would adding crested geckos to the genetics portion of the site be possible? id like to also see a venomous section. just a thought.

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Considering many people have them, id love to see a cornsnake section! Im getting my first one in just a few days and im so excited. And when i joined the morphmarket i was sad to not see a category for them

There is a corn snake category right on the front page.

I ment in the categories on this area of the site, but there a colubrids section so guess theyd fall under there.

You mean the forums themselves? I thought there was one, maybe people just haven’t posted about them? But yeah, colubrids would be what they fall under.

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When it comes to the forum the activity level is what dictates whether or not specific species will stand on it’s own and have it’s own category and this is where proper tags comes into place since cornsnakes do fall under colubrids.

There is just not enough acitvity at this time for a stand alone corsnake category.

For example you have 175 threads in colubrids (all species combined) vs 1200 in Ball Pythons.

Corsnakes have 39 tag threads having a category for each species that have so few threads would just make the forum very cluttered.


I guys new here but thought I’d drop my suggestion, Id really like a way to select snakes from my wish list and calculate there babies kinda like how the compare tab works when buying in a online shop except shows potential babies anyone else think that would be helpful? And maybe a way to have a list of snakes you own and immediately be able to click 2 and plug them into the calculator.


Would a “Wanted” category or type of ad be appropriate in some fashion? I have found myself looking for very specific animals that were not listed at the time, but which I’m pretty sure many breeders would have had, I just didn’t know how/who to ask.

I am also very much in favor of a category for caging/racks/etc. It would be very cool to be able to look at options for an item side by side for comparison shopping. I’m not quite sure how I feel about having ‘used’ supplies posted. In theory I’m in favor, but the fact that no one really ships (second hand) could grate against some.

Thinking about categories, would an ‘Invertebrates’ or ‘amphibians’ category be an asset?


I know it’s probably a long shot but maybe a place to list merch for sale? (such as stickers, clothing, etc.)

I have all of these stickers I’ve posted about in my other thread, but I haven’t really found any websites besides MM that allow for you to have what is essentially a free storefront, at least when you’re starting out anyways.
Places like Etsy and Shopify require you pay them to have a store open, afaik.
Even the store widget on the Wix site editor require you pay for their subscription to use it.

I do plan to pay for a membership on MM when I start hatching out my baby ball pythons, but I can appreciate that it isn’t something that’s required unlike the other sites.


A way to filter live vs frozen thawed


A favorite store tab,. Let me favorite some stores I like to frequent. I’m constantly back and forth on the map or in the search bar going to stores I’m familiar with. *Destroy if already suggested,. I didn’t read all these awesome ideas :slight_smile:


This has to of been mentioned, a category for insects, spiders, scorpions, bugs, roaches, Mantis, Millipedes, Centipedes, isopods, springtails etc… *Vinegaroons, can’t forget those creepy things.


I’d really like to see a filter option to remove wild caught from my views. Unless I’m blind, I don’t see one.


This may not be a common issue, but I know there are other people, like myself, who cannot feed live.

I’ve had the most issue looking for snakes that are currently feeding frozen/thaw and have had to ask a lot of breeders if they think the snake would take/if they were willing to try feeding thawed their next meal to see if it will take.

I think it would be helpful if there was a filter in the search that allowed you to choose if the reptile is currently eating live or frozen, this way you can be shown only the animals that are taking frozen and know that they will be more likely to take frozen from you after they come home.

Again, this might not be a huge issue and if not, I understand! I just think it would be a neat feature to be able to seek out animals already eating what you want to feed.



I would like being able to see if that breeder will go so some expos like a list of expos he will be


I’d like to be able to sort animals by weight. We can sort by age, but that is only very general. Being able to see animals in order from largest to smallest would be great.


I second your suggestion as well because I for instance am trying to buy more het clown combo females and since the adults are expensive I try to get subadults in the 800 gram plus range but if I were to sort by age it will also show really small females around 300 to 400 grams also listed with the larger subadults.

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Here we can’t! That would be awesome idea!!!

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